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Do you know the three things your business must have to be successful online? Do you know the core basics required to solve the success equation? Are you skipping over how-to information that builds your back office? You'll find the answers in this free course.


An introduction from SmartClix creator

It's time to pull back the curtain on the "make money online" hype. Making a living from an online business requires effort, consistency, strategy, and strong basic skills to build and maintain your back office. I know what it takes.

SmartClix.Me is designed to help you build your back office before you reach the stage of hiring help. In reality, your online business is actually built one mouse click at a time. First yours smart clicks, and then your customers'.

Don't waste weeks or months not having a clear concept of what your back office is, or what that requires. Learn to build a marketing funnel that includes video, webinars, a great offer and follow-up that results in an outstanding customer experience.

With this course, you can stop hunting through YouTube videos to learn how to organize your business. Get the basic, back office building blocks all in one place -- right here.

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Get Evernote

Never misplace your password for an essential online webpage or that new software memberhip site you just purchased. Evernote: your online memory in the cloud for both PC and Mac users. Free and Paid versions.


Use Gmail and Google Drive

If you're like me, you may be starting your online business using a hand-me-down laptop. If you're on a PC, you may not have the most recent version of Microsoft Office and that purchase is an expense you just can't afford yet. No worries. Get a gmail account and start using Google Drive. Google Drive offers most of the features of Microsoft Word and Power Point combined with the fabulous feature of automatically saving your work. Documents can be saved and downloaded in a variety of formats, including pdf. You can also choose to share your documents from within Google Drive.


YouTube & Traffic Basics

You'll learn how to make desktop video in our free course, so you may want to upload your video files into YouTube as one distribution option. The interface between Google Hangouts, YouTube and hosting webinars? Important information for including webinars in your marketing funnels.



The easiest way to set up a multi-page website that is content rich with audio, video and text files is to use WordPress. Maintaining a WordPress site is manageable for even the tech-shy novice. Using WordPress for your blog or website opens up the possibility of customizing your site with plugins to protect your site at the same time you open it up to more traffic and visitors.


Dropbox & Dropcanvas

File storage in the cloud is wonderful, but don't put all your files in one storage basket. Dropbox offers a free and paid version and it's very useful for storing video and other large digital files. Dropcanvas is an excellent tool for sharing time-sensitive links. You decide when your link expires. Dropcanvas also comes in a free or paid version.



Now that your content is ready to share, it's time to put it in front of online traffic. Pingler is a directory distribution resource. Add a url, choose relevant categories for your content, select your option for "pinging," and your url will be pinged as often as you select until you pause or delete the active url. Pingler offers free and paid versions.

And Much, Much More...

Once you've completed this nuts and bolts course, you're ready for the next step of building your first simple funnel. 

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Learn About Even More Online Resources, Software, Plugins with one-stop convenience

When I started my first online portal, I was reeling from being kicked to the curb by the Great Recession. With limited resources at my disposal, I spent countless hours researching the how-to's of creating an online business that makes money. Five years later, as an established coach, my clients have reluctantly admitted that one of their biggest challenges is putting all the start-up pieces together that are your back office -- from email autoresponders to driving traffic to your offer.

How do you scale up your practice or speciality business? How do you build a marketing funnel and broadcast your message? The reality is this only happens through millions of keystrokes and mouse clicks, so your clicks might as well be smart clicks.


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