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What HUGE Mistake Do Most New Online Business Owners Make?

What's the trick, the magic, the silver bullet -- the answer -- to getting an online business up and running? It's building a marketing structure around a strong offer and a powerful core message. Learn to attract interest in your brand, your product, program or service from buyers who are ready to buy.

You don't need to become an 'internet marketer' to make money online.

But how exactly do I do this?

What I had to discover was this: Anybody can have a fabulous concept for an online business. I had to learn to make the distinction between marketing and selling.

In the beginning, I went for quite a few shiny objects, bells and whistles, and social media instead of figuring out that what I needed was a funnel.

But before I could build a funnel I needed at least one irresistible micro-offer.

Why? Nobody knew who I was.

Not one single customer besides my mother would ever discover what it's like to have me as a technology coach when I couldn't direct them to an offer.

When traffic is directed to a funnel a great front end offer, converting that traffic into sales happens again and again. Without traffic? Without a funnel? I didn't have a way to grow a business, no matter how fabulous my idea was.

Until I figured out how to build an online "back office" using free or low cost tools so I could keep my marketing funnel elements organized. Now I make the best use of my time every day while growing my online business.

Imagine being able to do the same for yourself in 90 days or less from putting your back office together, to making a lead magnet, to crafting your first simple funnel.

Crafting a Marketing Funnel is a Piece of Cake.
Here's My Recipe.

Step-by-step, over my shoulder video instructions, teach you to use free or inexpensive online tools to make your first online sales.

  • Market Research
  • Create a Lead Magnet
  • Make a squeeze page
  • Set Up Email & Autoresponder
  • Make a PayPal BUY NOW button
  • Thank You Page Redirect to Deliver Your Lead Magnet Content
  • Keep Every Step Organized: Best Online Tools
  • Build Your First Funnel, Rinse & Repeat
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Get Started the Right Way: Start up Strategy

Start with a smart strategy. SmartClix will coach you through each stage of your online start-up, but there is no beginning like a great beginning. Our Get Started Guide helps you discover your best strategy.

Get Organized

Nothing derails success like disorganization. Building a business? Build good work habits from day one. Bonus tutorials on free online resources to keep you organized and on track. No excuses.

Get Going!

Use the information I share with you here and avoid months, even years, of frustration and wasted time. Time you invest without the financial return you want to create. Knowing what action to take at the right time isn't a matter of luck.With this course, you'll know what to do and how to do it, the rest is up to you. Take action, and eliminate distraction.


Here's What You Get When You Start Today...

FunnelCake Marketing Guide  Value $14.99

This guide provides a complete overview of why to take an action, how to take an action, and the realistic result you can expect from taking an action. No shiny objects to distract you. No building a wall of fluff around what you are marketing. No more confusion about making an irresistible offer at the right price to the right people.

SmartClix.Me Video Course  Value $37

This video course demos using the best free or low cost online tools to build and maintain and organized back office for your new online business.

Marketing Funnel Mind Map    Value? Priceless. You'll use this more than once.

This video course demos using the best free or low cost online tools to build and maintain and organized back office for your online business. It's the kind of course that makes you think "I kind of knew this" but there's an "Ah-ha" about realizing how to use Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox, YouTube, and others for getting your daily tasks dusted and done.

FunnelCake: Get 8 Video Tutorials plus a one hour webinar on why every online business needs a marketing funnel. Value $197

Watching a demonstration to learn just about anything helps our brains imagine us doing whatever it is we are trying to learn. Once you see it being done, doing it yourself becomes half as hard. Each action step is demonstrated in the most powerful way possible. And, since we all learn at our own rate, you can watch these tutorials as many times as you need to! Master each skill and take the action step.

A Check list for Each Action Step   Value $100

Distractions are everywhere -- until we learn to prioritize, make great choices, and focus. Checklists help you stay on track. Let's be realistic. When setting up an online business, how many of us have the luxury to start and move straight through to completion of a task without being interrupted by life? Use these checklists to make sure you complete each action needed to get the result you want.

Support Your Goals Coaching Webinar             Value $200

In my tech coaching practice and in my own learning process over the two years I've been making money online, I have attended dozens of webinars designed to sell or instruct on using a software product I've purchased. In my support your goals webinar, there's nothing to buy. The purpose of our free webinar is to support you in taking action, staying focused, and moving fears and concerns about what you want to accomplish off the table. By taking quick action today, you get an hour of coaching (valued at $200) for free.

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